Jointly founded by WiseChip and TSGS.
It's founded by a team of seasoned engineers who are also experienced parents.
We're committed to creating products with the highest standards and best quality, the kind our own kids would love.
In the post-pandemic era, we've dived into developing children's raincoats with epidemic-level protection, using textile materials processed with
nanotechnology.Our raincoats are safe, eco-friendly, and durable, made without adding any chemical agents or toxic substances.
At S.PAPA, we believe that parental involvement is key to a child's healthy development. We aim to help parents smartly engage in their kids' growth,
fostering great relationships between kids and their parents, peers, and society. We start with the wishes of parents and the well-being of children.

'HEALTHY,' 'SMART,' and 'VIBRANT' represent our corporate vision and the spirit of our brand.

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