ION SPORT Head-up Display for Cyclists

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Q1. How can I check if my sensor is connected?
Our app is continuously being optimized, but you can download the app and test sensor connectivity.

Q2. How long is the product warranty?
The ION SPORT smart cycling device has a one-year warranty under non-artificial damage conditions.
Don't forget to register your warranty

Q4. Can people with nearsightedness or presbyopia see clearly?
Whether you wear glasses or not, it won't affect the display of the device!
Check this video for a clear explanation on visibility for nearsightedness and presbyopia.
Q5. How to install the device on sports glasses vs. regular glasses?
Simple installation in three steps, easy to wear!
【Bind】: Secure the base through the silicone elastic band on the glasses, cutting the band to the appropriate length.
【Snap】: Attach the smart cycling display to the fixed base and rotate it forward 90 degrees.
【Bend】: Adjust the smart cycling display to the optimal viewing angle.
Remember the three steps: Bind, Snap, Bend. Check out the video for an easier understanding!

Q5. What devices can it connect with?
We are continuously adding compatible devices, and the table is provided for reference. Install the ION SPORT exclusive app, test the connection, and if it connects via Bluetooth, it can be paired with the cycling heads-up display.
※ Devices using only ANT+ single-frequency technology are not supported.


ION SPORT Warranty Information:
1. The warranty period for the ION SPORT smart cycling display is one year under non-artificial damage conditions.
2. If defects are found when opening the package, please retain the complete packaging and notify the manufacturer.
3. The warranty period starts from the date on the uniform invoice, and the invoice should contain product purchase information.
4. For products without an invoice, the warranty period starts from the
5. Warranty registration link:
6. Within the warranty period, repair may be subject to charges or may not be provided in the following cases.
7. Any damage to the body or structure caused by improper operation or human factors is excluded from liability.
8. During repairs, if the original invoice from the time of purchase or relevant information registered online is not provided, warranty-related services will not be accepted.
Exclusions from Liability:
Even within the warranty period, the following situations are not covered by the warranty:
1. Failure to follow the instructions and maintenance described in the product's user manual.
2. Reduction in material performance and damage caused by incorrect use, self-disassembly, repair, modification of the product, or improper transportation.
3. Damage caused by natural disasters or accidents.
※ If you have any quality concerns, please contact customer service. After a preliminary assessment, if testing is required, please send the product back to our company for evaluation and determination. The testing process takes a certain amount of time, and no replacement product will be provided during the testing period. Your understanding is appreciated.


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